Burnout programmes for critical stages


We are asked to keep track of so many things in our lives that sometimes it literally all becomes too much for us to handle. It starts innocently enough – we feel tired and more irritable and we slowly lose track of our lives. And then, all of a sudden, panic kicks in and literally grips you tight and leaves you quite literally gasping for air. At that point, we will have been walking on eggshells for far too long.

The right help and focus is needed to help us ‘untangle’ our lives again. We use
speech as well as touch to do this, making the ‘untangling’ and ‘slowing down’
processes a little easier. Our mind is not the only thing that has gone into lockdown – so has our body. We have mainly lost our sense of space. By allowing our mind to catch up through conversation and allowing our body to catch up through touch, it will become clear to us what has gone wrong. This will provide us with insights both on a mental and physical level. We will be able to see things clearly and relax our bodies once again. This will then allow us to recover the peace and space we need.