We love people and we live for human interaction.

We love people and we live for human interaction. Gezond Management does not deal with or treat discomforts and symptoms as such – we are interested in the essence of human beings. By putting ourselves into someone else’s shoes, we can learn to understand what moves and/or limits others. Within this context, both speech and touch have a role to play and can provide guidance and direction.

We are interested in new team members who are interested exclusively in making a difference in terms of approach – people who dare to cross boundaries and confront others with speech and touch, whilst displaying affection at all times. Applicants require prior training in physical therapy or osteopathy and possibly additional training in haptotherapy. A masterclass taken Ted Troost is a bonus.

At Gezond Management, we work with the Gezond Management Concept training module that every prospective employee must complete before being admitted as a team member. The training module takes two years and consists of 100 teaching hours. Please email to get in touch or for any further questions. Please include your name, address, telephone number, recent photograph and your CV.